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Osmium is the newcomer among precious metals. After 40 years of development and a secret manufacturing process, it is now capturing the hearts of jewelry designers and people who appreciate the unique. Osmium is the most valuable precious metal in the world and has only been commercially available as crystalline osmium since 2014. In its original form, osmium is toxic, but crystallization makes it a sought-after and exclusive material for exceptional jewelry. How did this grandiose discovery come about? The process of crystallization is an extremely well-kept secret by a Swiss team of scientists. On their 40-year journey to find crystallization, many coincidences occurred and many hazardous outcomes from laboratory experiments were narrowly avoided. But the journey was worth it, and an extraordinarily precious element was reborn and is now making its triumphant debut. Today, 160 individual steps are necessary to carry out the process of crystallizing osmium. Osmium is now finding an ever-growing community of fans in the market as a means of payment, as an investment, and as a jewelry metal. If you want to buy osmium as an investment, the best place to look is the online store of the German Osmium-Institute (www.buy-osmium.com/shop/sunshine).

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The sun in your hand

Osmium doesn't glitter - it sparkles. If you move a piece of osmium in the sunlight, the crystals on the surface reflect the light in a breathtaking way like a small firework. Experience for yourself the mysterious "Osmium Sparkle“.

Why is osmium so rare?

Since the beginning of osmium being traded in its coveted crystalline form, its price has risen by around 85 percent, a trend that is likely to continue due to the extreme rarity of this raw material. It is estimated that only about 44 tons of osmium lie dormant beneath the earth's surface worldwide. Make your purchase soon! The hard, steel-blue material is one of the platinum group metals, and when platinum production ceases, so will osmium. This means that osmium deposits are finite, making jewelry made from this exclusive element even more desirable in the future. Osmium is also needed in vanishingly small quantities in other areas. It is found in medical implants, artificial heart valves and pacemakers. Osmium is mined mainly in South Africa.

This is crystalline osmium in a nutshell

Osmium is rare

Of all eight precious metals,

it is the rarest in the

entire world.

Osmium is heavy

It is the densest element

and twice as heavy

as lead.

Osmium is valuable

Crystalline osmium is already 25 times more valuable than gold.

Osmium is pure

It has a purity of

99.9995% and

is harmless.

Osmium sparkles

Its sparkle extends over a greater distance than that of the normal diamond.

Osmium is durable

It does not tarnish,

retains its luster,

and is very hard.

Osmium is bluish

Its unique luster

is steel-blue

and starlike.”)

Osmium is safe

It is uncounterfeitable

and every single piece

is certified.