Selected Osmium jewelry pieces, breathtaking collections and award-winning unique pieces catch the eye of the beholder and make enthusiasts of exclusive treasures sit up and take notice.

Important Notice:

Click on the photos below to learn more about the name, the collection, the designer and goldsmith as well as the materials used. The following MSRPs are meant as a rough guide and are not exact prices as fabrication costs can vary greatly due to materials used, sizes, fabrication times and also metal price fluctuations. The MSRPs are there to give you an idea as to the price range and what exactly these pieces are currently calling for as a price. For an exact calculation of your desired piece, please contact us directly under the item "Contact".

What makes osmium in jewelry and watches so reliable?

  • As unique as a fingerprint:
    Crystalline osmium cannot be forged because its crystal structure can be identified with approximately 10,000 times more certainty than a human fingerprint. The crystal structures can be confirmed via our photographic archive.

  • Only genuine with certificate and code:
    The authenticity of osmium is verified by the "Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH" by certificate and an eight-digit code. If in doubt, check the authenticity before buying osmium from other sources.

  • Jewelry with multiple inlays:
    In cooperation with the institutes, Oslery GmbH assigns a so-called X-code. Whenever multiple osmium pieces and inlays come together in one piece of jewelry, an X-code is created as a connecting code.

  • 100% osmium in every piece:
    The core of a piece of osmium cannot be replaced with a cheaper metal because the density of any other metal would be lower than that of osmium.

  • Secret and complex manufacturing:
    Only one company in the world can produce crystalline osmium. The manufacturing process was created over 40 years of research. It takes 160 steps over a period of 3 months to go through and cannot be replicated

  • Harmless to health:
    Crystalline osmium is not harmful unlike its raw form, which is distinctly identifiable as osmium sponge (black color). Only osmium in crystalline form is used in jewelry.