Exclusive jewelry for eternity

With a great deal of experience and the highest standards, jewelry designers and jewelers have been combining precious metals with sparkling gemstones in precise handwork for hundreds of years. Osmium, the rarest precious metal in the world, now opens up completely new possibilities for them in designing modern and breathtaking pieces of jewelry with a very special sparkle. The inlay of crystalline osmium is fitted like a diamond into any base of silver, gold, platinum or titanium. Whether it's an unusual one-off piece or an impressive small series, osmium jewelry opens up completely new perspectives not only in terms of design, but also in terms of business. Special guidelines apply to the safe processing of osmium. Selected goldsmiths and partner jewelers who are registered as commercial enterprises are granted the necessary certification by Oslery after an online training course.


Basic shapes for Osmium Jewelry

For the design of osmium jewelry, we offer designers, jewelers and jewelry producers various basic shapes for direct processing. Individual shapes can be precisely cut from osmium flat bars or osmium discs using the wire erosion process. We are also happy to produce unusual unique shapes for jewelry designers. You have the option of having osmium pieces developed and shaped in 2D and in 3D. Each piece of Osmium comes with a certificate of authenticity and the eight-digit Osmium-Identification-Code (OIC).


Creation of unique pieces with osmium

Our partner jewelers are trained to design and create their own jewelry pieces from a combination of precious metals with inlays of osmium. Standard elements such as Osmium Diamonds or Osmium Triangles are especially popular for this purpose. We also make custom cuts upon request. Since osmium is incorporated into jewelry as an inlay, it is excellent for incorporating into designs that were originally planned for diamonds.

When choosing the right osmium inlay, there are several characteristics to consider such as: layer thickness, sparkle, pliability, and surface texture. If several individual pieces are used in one piece of jewelry, special attention is required here so that ultimately a harmonious ensemble is created. Oslery GmbH is happy to support you in this process and takes responsibility for selection, purchase and positioning.


If several inlays are united in one piece of jewelry, Oslery GmbH, in cooperation with the osmium institutes, then assigns an X-code which is entered into the international database. This unification code links all the individual inlays into one code and the entire finished piece of jewelry is is traceable and certified.

>> Procedure for placing an order for your own osmium jewelry piece (PDF)