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OSmium + JeweLERY = OSLERY

Osmium, the rarest precious metal in the world, is the new star in the jewelry sky. Its enchanting sparkle and exclusivity make it a coveted jewelry metal to be processed and distributed according to its own rules.

At Oslery GmbH (OSmium and jeweLERY) you do not simply buy osmium. We work directly with the osmium institutes and offer jewelers, designers, goldsmiths and end customers comprehensive and industry-specific services. From selecting the optimal semi-finished product, to training on technically complex processing, to certification and authentication of the finished jewelry, our customers can rely on our support and expertise to produce stunning jewelry. Whenever jewelry is to come alive with osmium, your collaboration with Oslery GmbH begins.


'Let's dive into the sparkling world of Osmium together!'

Scarlett Clauss, General Manager, Oslery GmbH


Benefits for jewelry designers and jewelers

Direct certification:

Oslery organizes the certification of your

osmium inlays and jewelry pieces.

For jewelry with multiple

inlays, they are

individually traceable in an X-code.

Wide selection:

Because of our proximity

to the Osmium-Institute,

Oslery customers benefit

from our vast selection

and experience when

choosing the perfect

Osmium inlay for

their jewelry.

Cutting Liability:

Oslery GmbH guarantees

the success of the

commissioned cutting

of your custom inlays.

In the event of damage,

we are fully liable for

the goods and will

replace them in full.

Safe transport:

During transport to

the cutting companies

and for certification

in an osmium institute,

your goods are covered

by Oslery GmbH

in the form of


Certification of osmium inlays and jewelry pieces

In order to guarantee you the safe distribution of osmium jewelry, commissioned new cuts and created jewelry pieces are certified by Oslery GmbH in cooperation with osmium institutes. If several inlays are incorporated into a single piece of jewelry, the pieces are rewritten under a so-called X-code (also unification code) in the database by us. Then all individual inlays from one piece of jewelry are recorded with their exact position and linked to a superior code and certified. All codes and the associated parameters can be called up at any time in the international database: www.osmium-identification-code.com.

Our services for you

Purchase and sale of osmium for jewelry production