Osmium Jewelry – Each piece an exclusive unicum

Through an elaborate and secret process for crystallizing osmium, which was only discovered in 2013, millions of tiny crystals are created and bonded to the surface, creating this unique "Osmium Sparkle". Each piece of osmium has its own structure that is as individual as a human fingerprint. Osmium is rare, and jewelry made from osmium is equally so. This makes it particularly interesting for lovers of exclusive jewelry and collectibles with prestige.

Osmium jewelry as a unique piece

You cannot buy osmium jewelry in any online store in the world. Designers, goldsmiths and jewelers are personally selected and certified by the German Osmium-Institute for the production of osmium jewelry. After certification, they are authorized to produce individual pieces and small series according to their own design templates and customer wishes, while adhering to strict specifications. This is done in cooperation with Oslery GmbH, which provides advice on the selection of suitable osmium inlays and the optimal design.


 Osmium jewelry as exclusive series

In collaboration with jewelry designer Sarah Voelk, we have created two jewelry series with osmium inlays: WHITELINE (in white gold) and ROSELINE (in rose gold). The star of the ROSE series is a collier with free-floating osmium inlays, the star of the WHITE series is a ring that combines osmium and diamonds in one piece of jewelry. Both captivate with their modern and organic design. Unisex rings, earrings and bangles complete the gorgeous ensemble.

Take a look at our sparkling jewelry pieces here.


 100% security thanks to certification

To prevent counterfeit sales and theft, every single crystallized piece of osmium is personally certified by the German Osmium-Institute. With its alphanumeric code and the scan of the individual crystal structure, the respective owner as well as the authenticity of the piece can be proven quickly and unambiguously. Parameters such as weight and dimensions are also recorded. Finished pieces of jewelry with several inlays are certified by us as a finished complete work with an X-code. All data is stored in an internationally available, highly secured database and can be accessed online at any time.

Thanks to this certification, the safe purchase and resale of osmium jewelry between private persons or the direct sale to jewelers is possible. Authenticity can be confirmed online immediately and at the point of sale and a certificate of authenticity can be printed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Individual pieces can also be purchased directly from our online store